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Thesis Information 2022

Our main business is to sell, train and support LS-DYNA within the Nordic and Baltic states. Last year we started a campaign to collect the master thesis that was carried out using LS-DYNA, to offer initial guidance and establish contact. This was done partly to limit the amount of support that usually occurs towards the examination date, but also out of interest to take part in the students' thesis work. We believe that the effort last year was very successful. We received many registrations and were able to help the students with tutoring and support that we believe contributed to a successful thesis.

This year we plan to do the same campaign. Depending on the topic and how many people perform a thesis on the respective universities we can offer:

  • Joint LS-DYNA introduction course for the master students at the university
  • LS-DYNA introduction Webinar
  • Simple but explaining examples to show modeling methods
  • Direct support contact person for discussion and help during the thesis
  • Master Thesis publication on our channels
  • A condition for this is that we get an idea of how many and which Master Thesis' is carried out at the respective universities.

We have created a web form where students can register the thesis. In good time before the work starts, contact will be established to discuss how we can support and aid during the initial phase and throughout the project.

Please register your thesis in this web form.