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Introduction to Passive Safety in LS-DYNA

The Passive Safety seminar will provide an overview of state-of-the-art airbag models and describes the fundamentals regarding the composition of an LS-DYNA occupant safety simulation, including the positioning of the dummy model and belt routing with PRIMER, the definition of recommended contacts between the safety systems and the principle set up of airbag models.

We have the pleasure of hosting our German colleague Fabian Koch, September 27-28. Some of you who attended the Crash Analysis course earlier this year were curious to learn more about airbags and passive safety. Here’s your chance! Fabian's training course , Introduction to Passive Safety in LS-DYNA, will be followed by a course in CPM Airbag Modelling, given also by our German colleague Ercan Usta, on September 29. All in all, you here have an opportunity to a 3-day event on Passive Safety. Both trainings take place in Gothenburg.