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CPM Airbag Modelling

The one day course presents the fundamentals to build up a model for the simulation of airbags in LS-DYNA. Starting with the less complex uniform pressure (UP) approach, theoretical background and implementation of the newer corpuscular method (CPM) is introduced. The method is based on a particle approach and has become state-of-the-art for all airbag applications due to its accuracy and numerical robustness and efficiency

We have the pleasure of hosting our German colleague Ercan Usta at our office in Gothenburg, September 29. Some of those who attended the Crash Analysis course earlier this year were curious to learn more about airbags and passive safety. Here’s your chance!

September 27-28, Fabian Koch teaches us more about Passive Safety in LS-DYNA, and September 29, Ercan Usta will teach us more about CPM Airbag Modelling. Due to Covid it has been a while since our colleagues had the opportunity to visit us in person, and we look forward to welcoming them to Sweden.