Digimat Technial Day, June 20

DYNAmore Nordic and e-Xstream invites you to the "Digimat Technical Day", which takes place June 20, between 10.00 - 13.00. The venue for the day is our office in Gothenburg, Bror Nilssons gata 16, 417 55 Gothenburg.

DYNAmore Nordic and e-Xstream invites you to the "Digimat Technical Day", which takes place June 20, between 10.00 - 13.00. The venue for the day is our office in Gothenburg, Bror Nilssons gata 16, 417 55 Gothenburg.


Register: Send an e-mail to elin.ekman@dynamore.se. Here you can also inform if you have any special meal requirements.






09:45 - Coffee

10:00 - Intro (M.Landervik, DYNAmore Nordic)

10:05 - Digimat at Volvo Cars (M.Landervik, DYNAmore Nordic)


Volvo Cars has been using Digimat for SFRP for several years. Some experiences from the usage and from the evaluation that led to the decision to start using Digimat will be presented. We will also talk about using Digimat with LS-DYNA.

10:20 - Digimat SFRP 1 Virtual material characterization for crash of SFRP (S.Calmels, e-Xstream)

Whatever the type of application, predicting reinforced plastic material’s behaviour requires to characterize it behaviour with respect to the fiber orientations. This part of the total work represents a significant effort in terms of human resource, cost and time. In this presentation, a workflow based on the Digimat platform capabilities is proposed to virtually characterize short fiber reinforced plastic behaviour for a typical application like crash. The attendees will learn how virtual testing could help to reduce dramatically their need in terms of physical testing.

10:35 - Digimat SFRP 2 Predict SMC component’s behaviour (S.Calmels, e-Xstream)

Among the large choice available on the market to help in reaching lightweighting targets, compression molded materials like SMC and DFC are very clearly in the scope of many Tier1s and OEMs. Designing components made of such material appears to be a real challenge. Like for other chopped fiber reinforced materials, the global performance of the parts is strongly influenced by the effect of the compression molding process on the distribution of fiber orientations, possibly even volume fractions. This presentation will focus on the latest applications to model the complex stiffness and failure behaviors of SMC materials from the coupons level up to component’s application. Attendees will learn from our experiences in applying Digimat technology for automotive OEMs

10:50 - Digimat SFRP 3 Predict injected component’s behaviour (S.Calmels, e-Xstream)

Digimat technology is used since 2003 for the prediction of short fiber reinforced plastic component’s performances. Whatever the targeted objectives are crash, NVH, fatigue or static ones, multi-scale material models has been applied on a very large variety of components notably in the automotive industry. This presentation will summarize a few cases where Digimat allowed to predict accurately the part’s stiffness, failure or damping behaviors. In addition and to answer to the market need, it will be demonstrated how easy the integration of such solution is possible today.

11:05 - Break

11:15 - Digimat CFRP 1 Virtual testing of CFRP coupons (S.Calmels, e-Xstream)

Traditionally, screening, characterization and even design of CFRP is done by physical testing. However, composites materials offer an extraordinary choice of material combinations so that such traditional approaches become inefficient at best. Simulation accelerates these test campaigns, providing insights and answers well before physical coupons can be ordered, created, tested and reported. It will help to address some of the inefficiencies in the process and reduce the total time from initial screening to final, fully characterized materials. The presentation will illustrate a comprehensive simulation process designed to perform virtual composite coupon testing. This process allows to define a complete test matrix in order to generate B-basis allowable for a given material system accounting inherent variability.

11:30 - Digimat CFRP 2 Predict CFRP component’s behaviour (S.Calmels, e-Xstream)

Continuous Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) are considered to be the best choice for new concepts in automotive for parts submitted to the most severe loads. For body-in-white, openings, under-the-hood zone or drivetrain, most carmakers design more and more metal replacement concepts which use these advanced materials for their high stiffness and strength properties. The aim of safety simulation is not only to detect the initiation of damage in the material, but to describe correctly its post-failure behavior. Through its Digimat software suite, e-Xstream provides a full methodology for the creation of progressive failure CFRP models reaching both these goals. This paper will address the application of e-Xstream multi-scale material modeling strategy to the specific needs of the simulation of continuous fiber composite parts submitted notably to dynamic loads.

11:45  - Digimat AM Additive manufacturing (S.Calmels, e-Xstream)

This presentation will illustrate how simulation tools can be used to address the main challenges associated with Additive Manufacturing, such as dimensional accuracy and the reliability of the mechanical properties of the final part. The multiscale material modeling techniques – which are essential to handle the several scales involved in additive manufacturing - such as implemented in Digimat-AM, will be presented and discussed. Thanks to the micro-mechanics approach, the effect of the material and the printing process parameters such as, printing direction or toolpath, on the warpage prediction and the as-printed part performance will be illustrated.

12:00 - 13:00 LUNCH