DYNAmore Nordic Newsletter - Issue 26

LS-DYNA Nordic Users' Conference - Presentations

With 22 technical presentations, four workshops, and about  160 participants, the Nordic LS-DYNA Users Conferenc, October 13-14 in Gothenburg, was once a great success.


We would like to thank all the speakerssession chairs and participants!


If you are interested in the presentations, you can find them here




Upcoming seminars this year

LS-DYNA, Simulation of sheet metal forming processes, Nov 8-10
This 3-day course is intended for people who want to use LS-DYNA for metal forming simulations. The course will cover how different aspects of metal forming processes are modeled in LS-DYNA and how to do this as accurate and efficiently as possible. The attendee will acquire deep knowledge in settings and techniques in several parts of LS-DYNA which will be beneficial for his/hers daily work and future applications.

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Introduction to Passive Safety, Nov 9-10
This seminar is mainly designed for beginners working in the field of occupant safety (especially dealing with side, frontal and rear impact). During the event, attendees will be given the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge in sample exercises.

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Joining Techniques in LS-DYNA, Nov 15-16
In this seminar you will gain insight into the possibilities to model and simulate component connections in LS-DYNA. The seminar is designed for engineers with practical simulation experience who wish to broaden their knowledge in the field of connection simulations using LS-DYNA.

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Introduction to LS-PrePost, Nov 28
In this course an introduction to LS-PrePost is given including hands on exercises. The course is suitable for old and new users of LS-PrePost.

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Introduction to LS-DYNA, Nov 29- Dec 1
The introductory seminar gives a quick, comprehensive introduction to the application of LS-DYNA and is recommended for simulation engineers who want to use LS-DYNA as an FE code to simulate general nonlinear problems. Prior knowledge is not required.

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Material Modelling and User Defined Material in LS-DYNA, Dec 5-7
The course is suited for users who have used LS-DYNA to some extent and want a more in depth understanding and categorization of its material models or want to develop their own material models or failure criteria.

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Digimat Material Model for Fiber Reinforced Plastics, Dec 7-8
Digimat is a material modeling platform for composites from MSC Software. It contains several modules for material modeling, fitting of parameters and coupling to FE structural solvers and process simulation software. It is particularly suitable for modeling of fiber reinforced plastics in LS-DYNA simulations.

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Upcoming WEBinars this year

FormingSuite Multistage, Nov 1

Time: 10-11

Dynamore Nordic invites you to a Webex demonstrating FormingSuite MULTISTAGE. This software evaluates and validates formability for parts made from multiple stamping operations.

Its core is a new solver technology that provides the tools necessary to analyze forming processes that involve multiple stages of forming.


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LS-DYNA R9, Dec 5 and Dec 7

Release R9 is the very latest official release of LS-DYNA, available in SMP/MPP on different OS platforms.

This WEBinar will show you the most relevant news and features introduced in the software.

The WEBinar is scheduled to take place on two different occasions:

1.       Monday 5th of December, 13-15

2.       Wednesday 7th of December, 13-15.

Please register at our website here

The LS-DYNA R9 software and corresponding release notes are available on our website.


Meet DYNAmore Nordic

We will be exhibit at three different conferences/exhibitions this year. Take the opportunit and come meet us there.

Elmia Subcontractor, Jönköping, Nov 8-11
Stand: C02:10

NAFEMS European Conference Multiphysics Simulation 2016,
Copenhagen, Nov 15-16

Read more about the conference here

NAFEMS Exploring the Design Freedom of Additive Manufacturing through Simulation, Helsinki, Nov 22-23

Read more about the conference here


Latest releases

LS-DYNA R9.0.1

LS-DYNA R7.1.3
LS-PrePost 4.3
LS-OPT V5.2.1
LS-TasC 3.1
ANSA v17.0.1
FormingSuite 2016.1
Oasys 13.1
Digimat 2016.1
Femzip 8.68