DYNAmore Nordic Newsletter: Issue 29

European LS-DYNA Conference 2017

The 11th European LS-DYNA Conference will be held 9 - 11 May 2017 in Salzburg, Austria. The official deadline is already today, but papers will still be accepted in the very near future; so submit you abstract here



We kindly invite all users of LS-DYNA, LS-OPT, and LS-TaSC to take advan­tage of this fantastic opportunity to showcase their work. The Conference is your chance to talk with industry experts, catch up with colleagues and enjoy time exploring new ideas

In addition, attendees can meet with exhibitors to learn about the latest hardware and software trends as well as additional services relating to the finite element solver LS-DYNA, the optimization codes LS-OPT and ­­LS-TaSC, and the pre- and postpro­cessor LS-PrePost.

Make sure that you will be part of the conference by submitting your abstract!


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New LS-DYNA version R9.1 available - please update

Since the beginning of February, the new version LS-DYNA R9.1 was released which includes many improvements. We recommend an update from R9.0 to R9.1 for users of the implicit structural solver and the new coupled multiphysics modules. For crash analysis and passive safety simulation we still recommend the robust production version LS-DYNA R7.1.3 for everyday use


Find release notes here



Upcoming seminars in March

Here you can find all the upcoming seminars in March. Don't miss the opportunity to attend "Introduction to Composite Modelling", which takes place March 21-22 in Gothenburg. Read more about the seminars, and all other upcoming seminars, below.

Impact and Drop Tests in LS-DYNA, March 8
This seminar intends to give the participants basic knowledge of how to:

  • Pre-process a basic impact analysis.
  • Run the explicit solver in LS-DYNA.
  • Post-processing of normal responses.

Read more and register here



Digimat Material Model for Fiber Reinforced Plastics, March 14-15
Digimat is a material modeling platform for composites from MSC Software. It contains several modules for material modeling, fitting of parameters and coupling to FE structural solvers and process simulation software. It is particularly suitable for modeling of fiber reinforced plastics in LS-DYNA simulations. 

Read more and register here



Introduction to ICFD solver, March 16

This semminar is an introduction to the incompressible, (ICFD), solver which is available starting from the R7 version in LS-DYNA. The solver can be used for simulation of a pure CFD problem or it can be coupled with the other solvers in LS-DYNA to perform fluid structure interaction, (FSI), analysis.


Read more and register here



Introduction to LS-DYNA non-linear implicit analysis, March 17
This seminar presents a brief, practical introduction to the implicit capabilities in LS-DYNA with a focus on structural analysis. The course is suited for users with some previous experience from using LS-DYNA, or for experienced users of other implicit FE-programs.


Read more and register here



Contacts in LS-DYNA, March 20
This is a one day training seminar. There is no need for previous experience with LS-DYNA, although no time will be spent on LS-DYNA functionality in general and some prior usage history is advantageous. For the exercises, LS-PrePost will be used to analyze the input decks and results.


Read more and register here


Introduction to Composite Modelling, March 21-22

Very important subgroups of “Composites” are long fiber reinforced composite materials. They typically consist of high-strength carbon or glass fibers which are unidirectionally embedded in thin layers of an epoxy resin matrix.This seminar gives an overview of potential modeling technics for this subgroup.

Read more and register here

Introduction to LS-DYNA - March 29-31

The introductory seminar gives a quick, comprehensive introduction to the application of LS-DYNA and is recommended for simulation engineers who want to use LS-DYNA as an FE code to simulate general nonlinear problems. Prior knowledge is not required

Read more and register here


you can read about and register, for all the seminars 2017 
Download the seminar brochure here





Upcoming WEBinars

If you have missed previous WEBinars in CFD, you can watch them on Youtube here:
ICFD video how to set up a 2D CFD case in LS-DYNA
ICFD how to set up a 2D FSI case



How to set-up a 3D FSI case in LS-DYNA, February 28

Time: 10-11

In this webinar will the structural part be setup and also the FSI coupling, the fluid part will use the previous webinar.

Register  here


Difference between weak and strong coupling in FSI simulations in LS-DYNA, March 7

Time: 10-11
In this webinar the different options for the FSI coupling will be used and some advantaged/disadvantages with the couplings will be addressed. I will use this example to demonstrate the difference between the couplings.

Register here


CFD mesh controls in LS-DYNA, March 21

Time: 10-11
In this webinar the different ways to control the automatic volume mesh is explained, also the different ways to control the boundary layer will be explained.

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Updated guidelines for implicit analyses

To help you get started with the implicit simulation possibilities with LS-DYNA, we have put together a lot of information, like recommended material models, element types and contact definitions. Now also an updated revision of the guidelines for implicit analyses is available for download here


Nordic LS-DYNA Information Day - October 10, 2017


On October 10 we at DYNAmore Nordic will have our LS-DYNA Information Day. We will be at Quality Hotel 11 in Gothenburg.

More information about the agenda, and an updated homepage, is coming; but save the date!


Latest releases



LS-DYNA R7.1.3


LS-PrePost 4.3

LS-OPT V5.2.1


LS-TasC 3.1


ANSA v17.0.4



FormingSuite 2017


Oasys 13.1

Digimat 2017.0


Femzip 8.68