Upcoming WEBinars this year 

LS-DYNA Implicit - Trouble Shooting convergence problems, December 2

Time: 10.30 - 11.30

Troubleshooting convergence problems in LS-DYNA.

  • MINFO for extracting extra info from MORTAR - contacts
  • Intermediate eigenfrequency extraction
  • d3iter – files and fringeplotting of the residual
  • General troubleshooting tips

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LS-DYNA R9, Dec 5 and Dec 7

Release R9 is the very latest official release of LS-DYNA, available in SMP/MPP on different OS platforms.

This WEBinar will show you the most relevant news and features introduced in the software.

The content in the two WEBinars is the same but is scheduled to take place on two different occasions:

1.       Monday 5th of December, 13-15. Register here

2.       Wednesday 7th of December, 13-15. Register here

The LS-DYNA R9 software and corresponding release notes are available on our website.


LS-DYNA Implicit - Frequency domain analyses, December 13

Time: 10.30 - 11.30

This webinar will show you Frequence domain capabilitites using the implicit solver in LS-DYNA.

  • Frequency response functions (FRF)
  • Steady state dynamics (SSD)
  • Random vibration, PSD excitation, and fatigue
  • Damping in frequency domain analyses


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