Meet DYNAmore

Jan 27, 2014
DIGIMAT SEMINAR, March 17 2014 at Hotel 11, Gothenburg
Attend DYNAmore Nordic's DIGIMAT seminar, March 17 at Hotel 11, Gothenburg ...more

Sep 19, 2013
NAFEMS NORDIC Seminar, Lund 5-6 Nov 2013
Meet DYNAmore Nordic at NAFEMS NORDIC Seminar 5-6 November 2013, Lund, Sweden. ...more

May 22, 2013
The 24th International SICOMP Conference will be held in Linköping in May 30-31, 2013. The topic of the conference is manufacturing of composites, including process simulation. You are welcome to meet us there! ...more

May 22, 2013
ICCGS 2013 17-19 Juni, Trondheim, Norway
DYNAmore Nordic is sponsoring the the 6th International Conference on Collision and Grounding of Ships and Offshore Structures on the 17:th to 19:th of Juni, 2013. We welcome you to to meet us there! ...more

Mar 26, 2013
Scanplåt 2013
Meet DYNAmore Nordic at Scanplåt 2013, May 28-30, Göteborg, Sweden. Scanplåt is the new meeting place for the Swedish and the Scandinavian sheet metal industry. ...more

Mar 04, 2013
Workshop on realistic simulation at Luleå University
On Thursday March 14, 2013, we will have a workshop on realistic simulation at Luleå University in cooperation with the Division of Mechanics of Solid Materials for students, researchers and invited companies. ...more

Mar 03, 2013
August 19-21, Stavanger, Norway The ONS Foundation launched a new event called ONS Norway. The dates for this new event is from the 19th - 21st of August 2013. The focus will be on the supply chain to showcase their products and services on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. ...more

Mar 03, 2013
June 9-12, Luleå, Sweden ...more

Mar 03, 2013
April 23-24 in Gothenburg, Sweden. ...more

Feb 15, 2013
5 – 6 February 2013, Oslo, Norway Numerical Simulation in Energy Applications ...more