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ANSA & µETA v15.0.2

BETA CAE Systems S.A. announces the release of the maintenance version 15.0.2 of ANSA & µETA pre- and post- processing suite. Several problems with the previous version have been fixed while performance has been also optimized.

About this release

BETA CAE Systems S.A. announces the release of the maintenance version 15.0.2 of ANSA & µETA pre- and post- processing suite. Several problems with the previous version have been fixed while performance has been also optimized.
The most noticeable issues resolved are listed below.


Understanding the Software Release Schedule


The Plan

We are committed in delivering improved and enhanced software releases, the soonest possible, in order to meet the requirement of our customers for the continuous improvement of their experience and work. Therefore, we are working in releasing new software versions with code corrections, new software features and enhancements, in regular, frequent intervals. 

- A major software version is released every year
- First point releases, such as v14.1.0, v14.2.0 and so on, with code corrections but also with additional software features and enhancements are released every three months.
- Second point releases, such as v14.2.1, v14.2.2, v14.2.3 mainly with code corrections only upon their parent first point release, are scheduled on a monthly basis.

Each software release is accompanied by a detailed description of the introduced corrections and/or additions so that our customers can decide whether it is critical to implement this release in their environment. 

This Release

This release of v15.0.2 implements code corrections, to the v15.0.1 release and the existing releases of the 14x branch.


Known issues resolved in ANSA

- GUI: Some windows could not be resized to fit in smaller screens.
- Under certain circumstances, an ANSA database saved in version 13.x or older, would not be opened in 15.x.

Connections & Assembly
- During the realization of RBE3-HEXA-RBE3, solid element nodes would not be selected according to the search distance defined by the "RBE3 Diam" parameter.
- Spot-welds with connectivity on the same part would not be realized.


- The Compare process performance has been significantly improved.

- The Tubes2Curves function could generate improper results.

- Activating the "Remesh macros" option was not taken into account, during Macros>Cut.
- Spacing [Auto CFD]: With certain settings, the perimeter nodes spacing would be applied incorrectly.

Batch Meshing
- Fillet Faces with offset link would be treated according to the radius before the offset.

- Pasting Nodes of Nested Elements could result in unexpected termination.


- LS-DYNA: When exporting to .key file, from ANSA files created with versions prior to 14.1.0, a wrong SFA value on *DEFINE_TABLE keyword would be set.
- Checks: Applying "Fix" for penetration proximities was taking considerable amount of time to complete, especially in cases with many proximity errors.
- Checks: The check time for penetrations was appreciably longer when applied from the Checks Manager.
- Mass calculation of BEAMs was incorrect, when in PERMAS deck. 
- The master node of Rigid Bodies was not positioned on the COG of the slave nodes. 
For more details about the new software features, enhancements and corrections please, refer to theRelease Notes document.


Known issues resolved in µETA

- Unexpected termination could occur for certain graphics cards, with the Drawing>Smooth Light setting.  

- It was not possible to perform FRF calculations without loading the model geometry.
- In certain FRF Assembly calculations, the displayed TPA results from result files other than .unv could be incorrect.

Supported Interfaces
- LS-DYNA: The material limit in Shear for certain composite materials was incorrect.
- Pam-Crash: Results from .erf files were not available with results variables more than 300.
- RadTherm: Performance improvement in reading geometry and results.  

- Unexpected termination could occur when using an expression referencing a non-existing result label.

User Field Functions
- Unexpected termination could occur when large expressions were used.

Section Forces
- Copying the items of the Force Balance list could cause unexpected termination.
For more details about the new software features, enhancements and corrections please, refer to the Release Notes document.



ANSA files saved by all the first and second point releases of a major version are compatible to each other. New major versions can read files saved by previous ones but not vice versa. The .metadb files saved with µETA version 15.0.2 are compatible and can be opened by earlier versions of µETA.

Linux 64 bit
Hardware           Driver
Quadro K4000    319.32, 319.49
Quadro K5000    319.32, 319.49
Quadro 5000      319.32, 319.49

Windows 64 bit
Hardware          Driver
Quadro 4000     320.00, 320.78
Quadro 2000     320.00, 320.78
Quadro K4000   320.00, 320.78



Where to download from
Customers who are served directly by BETA CAE Systems S.A. may download the new software, examples and documentation from their account on our server. They can access their account through the "user login" link at our web site www.beta-cae.gr/
Contact us if you miss your account details. The [ Public ] link will give you access to the public downloads area.
Customers who are served by a local business agent should contact the local support channel for software distribution details.


What to download
All files required for the installation of this version reside in the folder named "BETA_CAE_Systems_v15.0.2" and are dated as of April 29th, 2014. These files should replace any pre-releases or other files downloaded prior to that date.
The distribution of this version of our pre- and post-processing suite is packaged in one, single, unified installation file, that invokes the respective installer and guides the procedure for the installation of the required components.
For the installation of the software on each platform type, the following files have to be downloaded:

- the .sh installer file residing in the folder with respective platform name, for Linux amd MacOS, 32bit or 64bit or the respective .msi installer file for Windows, 32bit or 64bit, and
- the tutorial example files that reside at the top level of the folder of this distribution.
- In addition to the above, optionally, the µETA Viewer is available to be downloaded for each supported platform.

Previous software releases can be found in the sub-directory called "old" or in a folder named after the product and version number.