LS-PrePost is an advanced pre- and post-processor and model editor from LSTC, preparing input data and processing the results from LS-DYNA analyses.


LS-PrePost specializes in importing, editing, and exporting LS-DYNA models based on keyword input files. It is included with LS-DYNA without extra cost. The latest versions feature a redesigned graphic user interface which maximizes the graphics area by intuitively grouping program functions into icon-based toolbars. LS-PrePost supports the latest OpenGL standards to provide fast rendering of fringe plots and animation results. In order to keep pace with enhancements to LS-DYNA, the software is under constant development. Since no license file is required, LS-PrePost can be easily installed onto any machine operated using Windows or Linux.

General Features

  • Comprehensive support for LS-DYNA input and output files
  • Image output formats: PNG, TIFF, JPG, BMP, PCX, PS, PSIMAGE, GIF, VRML2
  • Movie output formats: MPEG, AVI, animated GIF
  • Command line interface

Pre-Processing Features

  • Other FE input formats
  • CAD input formats: IGES, STEP
  • CAD geometry data creation and manipulation including cleaning, healing and simplification
  • Mesh generation
  • Mesh manipulation, creation and modification
  • LS-DYNA entity (keyword) creation: coordinate systems, sets, parts, masses, CNRBs, boxes, spot welds, SPCs, rigid walls, rivets, initial velocity, accelerometers, cross sections


Special Applications

  • Airbag folding
  • Dummy positioning
  • Seatbelt fitting
  • Metal forming
  • Roller hemming
  • Model checking


Post-Processing Features

  • 3-D animation
  • Time history plots
  • XY plots
  • Contour plots
  • Overlay plots
  • Vector plots
  • Fringe plots
  • Particle visualization
  • Fluid visualization
  • DYNAIN file generation
  • Section analysis

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