GENESIS is a fully integrated finite element analysis and design optimization software package, written by leading experts in structural optimization.





Analysis is based on the finite element method for static, normal modes, direct and modal frequency analysis, random response analysis, heat transfer, and system buckling calculations.

Design is based on the advanced approximation concepts approach to find an optimum design efficiently and reliably. An approximate problem, generated using analysis and sensitivity information, is used for the actual optimization, which is performed by the well-established DOT or BIGDOT optimizers. When the optimum of the approximate problem has been found, a new finite element analysis is performed and the process is repeated until the solution has converged to the optimum.

No special knowledge of optimization technology is required. Shape, sizing, topography, topometry and topology optimizations are the design options available to the user. Shape/sizing and topography optimization typically requires less than ten detailed finite element analyses, even for large and complex design tasks. The topology and topometry optimization typically takes twenty or less detailed finite element analyses.


  • Allows reducing cost and improving performance by generating new designs based on user criteria such as mass minimization, frequency maximization, stress or displacement constraints and many more.
  • Allows reducing engineering time as it has embedded powerful solvers like the SMS eigensolver which is 2 to 5 time faster for small to midsize problem and 5 to 10 time faster for the very large problems.
  • Allows innovative designs to be realized as its optimizer, BIGDOT, can handle extremely large numbers of design variables. This allows an engineer to explore the entire design space with either topology, topometry or topography optimization.


  • Easy to use: Thanks to its unique preprocessor, Design Studio for Genesis, GENESIS optimization capabilities can be learned in few days.
  • Ideal for designers: It has many capabilities built-in to generate designs with fabrication considerations such as need for casting, extrusion and packaging.
  • Reliable: Backed up by a strict quality assurance process and solid reputation of stability and robustness.
  • Innovative: Only program in the market that has topometry optimization.

Analysis Capabilities

  • Element library: Genesis has a very complete finite element library that includes: bushing, rod, bar, beam, spring, shell, shear, composite, axisymmetric, tetra, penta, and hexa elastic elements along with the rbe1, rbe2, rbe3, rspline rigid elements. DMIG, GENEL and other general elements/matrices are also available.
  • Materials: Isotropic, orthotropic, and anisotropic.
  • Loads: Point, pressure, gravity, centrifugal, temperature, etc.

Optimization Capabilities

  • Sizing Optimization: This optimization capability allows the user to find the best dimensions of any designable elements like bars, shells and composites. In total, 14 types of elements are designable with sizing.
  • Shape Optimization: This optimization capability allows the user to find the best shape possible. The software finds the best location of the finite element nodes, which define the shape of the structure.
  • Topography Optimization: This optimization capability allows the user to find the location and shape of bead patterns to stiffen panel structures.
  • Topometry Optimization: This unique optimization capability allows the user to find the optimal distribution of sizing dimensions over the structure. Like topology, this capability can be used to find the optimal places to take out material. Unlike topology, it also can be used to find the best places to add additional material.
  • Topology Optimization: This optimization capability allows the user to find the best distribution of material. With topology optimization, an optimal structure is generated by carving out material from a given design space, allowing for a given amount of material.

Example of Applications

  • Car body reinforcements
  • Instrument panels
  • Cross beams
  • Noise reduction of power train
  • Truck frames
  • Submarine sail
  • Bicycle frame
  • Mass reduction of castings
  • Composite designs
  • Formula 1 monocoque body
  • Golf clubs
  • Calibrating FE models by matching frequencies and mode shapes
  • Optimal conceptual designs
  • Many more



Please watch a video about GENESIS coupling with LS-DYNA here (YouTube).

It shows shape optimization and the ESL method.

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