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DYNAmore Nordic Tools

Please find below a brief description of different tools that facilitate the work with LS-DYNA. The tools are written in Python. Both evaluations and usages in production are free of charge for our customers. If you are interested, please request the desired tool by contacting the salesperson listed on this page.

The DYNAmore Nordic Implicit toolbar for set-up of implicit LS-DYNA analyses in ANSA, including:

  • Model checking focusing on implicit-specific topics, with auto-fix functions
  • Support for set-up of linear and non-linear implicit analyses
  • Integration with the "Guideline for implicit analysis using LS-DYNA" - package
  • Customization of control card settings is also possible
  • Guidance with respect to output requests
  • Additional checks as a final stage before exporting the keyword files

This toolbar supports ANSA version v19.X, v20.X and v21.X.



Python toolbox for reading and visualizing LS-DYNA simulation data. Features of the provided toolbox:

  • A package for reading the binary LS-DYNA output data format Binout
  • Use the pre-defined functions within the toolbox to load and generate intuitive data structures
  • An introduction webinar on the topic is included, with a walk-through of how you can build scripts to post-process your results
  • An example model from the introduction is included, enabling immediate testing of your setup
  • Pre-defined scripts for checking your models are included
  • Works great in both a Windows and Linux environment