Oasys PRIMER is a model preparation tool written exclusively for LS-DYNA and has 100% comprehension of the LS-DYNA input file. This means that no data is ever accidentally lost or corrupted, no matter what operations are performed on it.

The Oasys PRIMER pre-processor is designed to make preparation and modification of LS-DYNA models as fast and as simple as possible, improving user productivity and efficiency and reducing the time spent manipulating and developing models suitable for LS-DYNA.
Our priority with Oasys PRIMER is to provide complete support for every LS-DYNA keyword. The user can be assured that every model read in and written out will lose no data.

Main features:

  • Full support for LS-DYNA version R8.0
  • Connections function for defining various connections (e.g. spotwelds, bolts) including a Autoweld function that does not require an input file
  • Quick-pick menu for on-screen manipulation of entity display characteristics
  • Quick-pick menu for on-screen editing of LS-DYNA keywords
  • Easy access to part data through the Part Tree navigation menu, and Part Table
  • Cross reference viewer menu for tracking how different entities refer to each other
  • Airbag Folding including mesh-independent airbag folding
  • Seatbelt fitting including automatic seatbelt re-fitting after dummy re-positioning
  • Mechanisms
  • Keyboard shortcut keys for most of the common functions
  • Simple meshing capability.
  • Full support for LS-DYNA parameters
  • Background image and image/model alignment function

Oasys PRIMER is designed specifically for pre-processing with LS-DYNA. Therefore the user interface is clear, simple and tailored towards LS-DYNA - without any compromises.

All of the common keywords can be created, modified and graphically visualised to help users understand exactly what a model contains and how the various entities are inter-related.

Connection Definition
The Connections function within Oasys PRIMER allows the user to quickly and easily create spotwelds and bolted connections. These can be created manually, using a spotweld file, or automatically using the Autoweld option.
The Connection Table allows the user to review the status of the various connections within a model and make modifications.
Once created the data is stored along with the keyword file allowing the connections to be easily updated. The connection data can also be written out as a separate file for use with other models.
Part Tree & Part Table
The Part Table functions in Oasys PRIMER allows the user to quickly review or modify properties such as thickness, element type, material type, yield stress, or density of an individual part or a whole series of part.
The Part Tree enables users to quickly navigate around their models, giving a visual display of the parts that are in each include file and allowing the user to move parts between include files with a simple click-drag function.
Error Checking
Oasys PRIMER has a large range of checking functions. These include basic mesh quality checks, and over 3000 LS-DYNA specific checks to help reduce the amount of time taken to get a new model up and running.
The Check Window and Error Tree Viewer allows users to clearly see any errors within a model and quickly locate the items that are causing the errors.

Occupant Set-Up
There are a number of functions available within Oasys PRIMER to aid with setting up and positioning occupant dummies within a model. These include:

  • Dummy Positioning
  • Mechanism that allows seat position to be quickly adjusted
  • Seat Foam Compression which allow users to pre-compress seat foam
  • Seatbelt Fitting which allows users to easily fit a seatbelt to a dummy and automatically re-fit the belt if the dummy is repositioned

Airbag Folding
The Airbag Folding function in Oasys PRIMER allows users to define the folding pattern for 2D and3D airbag.
It includes a range of fold types such as thick, thin, tuck, spiral and scrunch. It also includes distortion and penetration checking to ensure the quality of the final folded airbag.
Once created the folding pattern data is stored along with the keyword file allowing any updates to be easily carried out.

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