Oasys PRIMER is a model preparation tool written exclusively for LS-DYNA and has 100% comprehension of the LS-DYNA input file. This means that no data is ever accidentally lost or corrupted, no matter what operations are performed on it.

Oasys PRIMER is the pre-processor designed to make preparation and modification of LS-DYNA models as quick and as simple as possible.
With support for every LS-DYNA keyword, you can read and write models with the confidence that no data will be lost or corrupted. The Oasys PRIMER user interface is designed specifically for LS-DYNA – with no compromises – giving you convenient access to a range of powerful pre-processing tools.

Model Setup

  • Create and edit LS-DYNA entities using custom menus and a powerful keyword editing tool.
  • Extensive connection tools including support for solid spotwelds, adhesive and bolted connections.
  • Occupant modelling: simulation-based dummy positioning, seatbelt fitting, seat foam compression.
  • Contact penetration detection and removal.
  • Full support for INCLUDE and INCLUDE_TRANSFORM files with label range management and visualisation.
  • All of the common keywords can be created, modified and graphically visualised to help users understand exactly what a model contains and how the various entities are inter-related.


Model Manipulation

  • Quick access to part properties such as thickness and material.
  • Mass balancing and assignment tools as well as mass calculation with mass-scaling effects.
  • Part/assembly replace to update a model for design changes.
  • Intelligent entity deletion with consideration for other dependent entities.
  • Intelligent model merging with label clash resolution.


Model Validation

  • Viewing of most LS-DYNA entity types allowing visual checking.
  • Viewing of connections and relationships between entities (Cross-References and Attached).
  • Contouring of material properties, timestep, mass scaling, etc.
  • More than 7000 LS-DYNA specific checks with error tree view for easy identification and fixing of multiple instances of similar errors.
  • Intelligent model comparison detailing differences and Changes.


Connection Definition
The Connections tool in Oasys PRIMER allows you to quickly and easily create welds, adhesive and bolted Connections. You can import Connections data from a spotweld file or directly from CAD, or create Connections automatically using the geometry frature detection capability. Connection status can be reviewed in the Connection Table, where further modifications can be made. Once created, Connections data are stored in the keyword file, allowing Connections to be easily updated in future or used with other mode

Model Checking
Oasys PRIMER has a large range of checking functions. In addition to basic mesh quality checks, there are over 7000 LS-DYNA specific checks to help reduce the amount of time taken to get a new model up and running. The Check Window and Error Tree Viewer allows users to clearly see any errors within a model and quickly locate the items that are causing the errors. As well as pre-processing checks, Oasys PRIMER is now able to scan the LS-DYNA output files. Entities with errors can be located on the model directly, making the task of debugging significantly easier.
Include File Management
Oasys PRIMER fully supports INCLUDE and INCLUDE_TRANSFORM files, and also has advanced Tools for managing include files and label ranges.
The JavaScripts and Macro functions provide you with powerful Tools for creating your own scripts and interfaces for model generation and editing.
Occupant Modelling
Oasys PRIMER has a number of Tools to help you set up and position occupant dummies within a model. These include:
  • Dummy positioning
  • Adjust seat positions with Mechanism
  • Precompress seat foam
  • Seatbelt fitting, including automatic refitting after dummy repositioning
Airbag Folding
Define the folding pattern for 2D and 3D airbags. Choose from a range of fold types such as thick, thin, tuck, spiral and scrunch. Distortion and penetration checking ensures the quality of the final folded airbag. Once created, the folding pattern data is stored in the keyword file to facilitate future modifications.
Barrier and Pedestrian Model set-up
Align Crash barriers to test specifications and automate pedestrian impact setup with step-by-step Tools.
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