Converts Madymo kin3-resultfiles into d3plot file.

This program converts the Madymo KIN3 resultfile (ASCII) into binary d3plot. The advantage of the binary d3plot file is that it is possible to display the result in LS-PREPOST. Also the reading of the binary file is much faster than reading KIN3-files in Animator3. The d3plot file is usually smaller than the KIN3-file (depending on the model).

usage: kin2plot [options] KIN3-file[s]


-o output file extension
(default: "kin3plot")
-list list additional geometry and state info
-quiet all output messages are suppressed
-ani resulting file can be read by Animator3 < V0.6.3
(file size increases ca 30%)
-split split result into seperate files per state
-nxe # refinement of a-direction of semi-ellipsoid
(negative value switches to linear distance)
(default: 5)
-nye # refinement of b/c-direction of quarter-ellipsoid
(default: 4)
-nxc # refinement of axial direction of cylinders
(default: 1)
-nyc # refinement of circumferential direction of cylinders
(default: 4)
-uc unit conversion (m-s-kg to mm-ms-kg)
-mirr x|y|z mirroring about …-axes
-version print version

% kin3plot -l *.KIN3



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