Our team of experienced CAE engineers are available to you as a resource for high quality simulation and FEA-analysis of your products and manufacturing processes or simulation method development. Our CAE software developers can extend and customize LS-DYNA, LS-OPT and LSPrePost to fit your special needs.

Our activities at DYNAmore go beyond the regular support of LS-DYNA. Everyday our team of experienced engineers aid companies with their needs in finite element analysis, simulation, and optimization for product development.  …more

Accurate material models are a key ingredient for obtaining simulation results that can be depended on. We have extensive experience in modeling of materials and giving advice on modeling methods.  …more

DYNAmore has extensive expertise in implementing new technologies or features in LS-DYNA . We are happy to extend LS-DYNA for your application.  …more

DYNAmore is active in the development of LS-OPT for many years. Our responsibilities range from customer development, GUI programming to program design.  …more