Nordic LS-DYNA User's Forum 2014 - Summary

October 9-10 2014, Gothenburg, Sweden

This year's Nordic LS-DYNA forum was a great success with more than 150 participants. The conference has established itself as a popular meeting for CAE engineers and managers in the LS-DYNA sphere. The conference was held as usual at the Hotel 11 in Gothenburg on October 9, and was followed by the "Developers Day" the day after. Most of the participants where from the automotive and truck industries, but there were also participants from other areas, including the oil and gas and aerospace industries. 

Presentations from the conference are available for downloading here


The day began with a number of interesting plenary lectures: Dr. Brian Wainscott, from LSTC, began with a presentation of the latest new features of LS-DYNA for both vehicle simulation and multi-physics simulation. Dr. Wainscott talked about LSTC’s vision "One Model - One Code", i.e. that LS-DYNA can solve all common structural analysis in the automotive industry ranging from crash to acoustics and comfort. Scalability on today’s massive computer systems and the future even more massive systems is increasingly important. Dr. Wainscott also presented news in the latter area, such as the hybrid version of LS-DYNA to get good efficiency even when running on 1000's of cores.


Dr. Johan Tryding, Tetra Pak, talked about how to use realistic simulation of packaging machines to shorten the development times of Tetra Pak's well known paper cartons. Using LS-DYNA, Tetra Pak can now study in detail the embossing and folding of cartons for different choices of paper. Correct folding is required because Tetra Pak not tolerate any errors and even minute flaws in the folds and corners can create small, near invisible tears, which can break the aseptic barrier of the carton. Dr. Tryding also told us of his vision where one simulate everything from stamping to the filling of the package and the subsequent trials, such as the behavior while pouring a glass of milk.


Anders Sandahl, CAE engineer at Volvo Car Corporation, talked about how Volvo used LS-DYNA in the development of the new XC90. Anders described in detail the validation and modeling technology. Volvo's models now have a very fine degree of detail and the complete vehicle models now contain upwards of 10 million elements with a sub millimeter resolution in critical areas. Despite large models, Volvo can attain overnight run times thanks to their massive high performance computer systems.



Courtesy of Volvo Car Corporation



Dr. Thomas Borrvall, software developer at DYNAmore Nordic, talked about Subcycling and Multi-Scale Analysis, which are new techniques in LS-DYNA aimed at allowing extremely high-resolution meshes in critical areas in a car crash analysis without that run time increases so much.


The morning plenary lectures ended by Ulf Torgilsman who is responsible for crash testing at Volvo Trucks. He talked about the work on the crash safety of Volvos new FH truck. Then Mr. Torgilsman guided the audience to outside the Hotel where Volvo had placed an actual crash tested FH truck.


After a detailed technical evaluation the different business units of Volvo Group Trucks Technology have decided to use LS-DYNA as simulation tool in the field of Passive Safety. All relevant simulation tasks in the development process will be based on LS-DYNA. The simulation software Volvo Group Trucks Technology has used up to now will be replaced by LS-DYNA. The area of ​​Passive Safety has high priority for Volvo Group Trucks Technology. Therefore Volvo Group Trucks Technology has put a lot of effort into the selection process of a simulation tool in this area. All simulation tools, which are available on the market today, have extensively been tested and compared in order to get a solution which completely satisfies the challenging needs of Volvo Group Trucks Technology in this area.


”Ulf Torgilsman – responsible for crash testing at Volvo Trucks”

Marcus Redhe, General Manager of DYNAmore Nordic AB explains: „Passive Safety is a strategic topic for AB Volvo. Therefore it was natural, that we were faced with high expectations of the customer with respect to accuracy of the simulation results, modeling possibilities and computing performance. We accepted the challenging benchmark situation and we are happy, that we succeeded with the best result in the competition. In future together with our local partners we want to provide best in class support and consulting services for Volvo Group Trucks Technology to maintain customer satisfaction also in far future”


In the afternoon there where a number of interesting presentations in two parallel sessions from users of LS-DYNA from industry and universities which featured various innovative ways of using LS-DYNA or case studies.


During the day were also presentations of additional suppliers with close links to LS-DYNA. Dr. Manolo Quiroga, from our Gold Sponsor Gompute, talked about their products in the HPC area to create an efficient working environment for the CAE engineer. Peter Appelgren from Beta CAE Systems talked about the report generator for the automotive industry in metaPost. Dr. Mats Landervik from DYNAmore, talked about how Digimat, from e-Xstream, can be used to model FRP in LS-DYNA.


The day ended with a nice mingle dinner.


The following "Developers Day" was dedicated to the programmers who are working on the development of LS-DYNA, LS-OPT and also Digimat. With titles like "Current and Future Developments in LS-OPT," we got an insight into what the developers were working on for the future.


All in all it was a very pleasant conference, and we are already looking forward to the LS-DYNA information day next autumn.