ANSA CFD meshing, intro course

ANSA is the leading multidisciplinary pre-processor for FE and CFD applications, with extremely powerful geometry handling and meshing capabilities. This course will give an introduction to CFD meshing, through demonstration and exercises.


Prior knowledge: The course is suited for users with basic experience of the program, mainly the geometry handling.


Course outline:

  • Introduction to gui
  • Surface meshing: simplify geometry, node spacing, mesh generation
  • Quality check and improvements
  • STL models, wrapping and leak check
  • Boundary layer generation
  • Volume meshing: tetra, hexa interior, hexapoly, polyhedral
  • Size boxes: volume element refinement control
Date 28.01.2020 - 28.01.2020 (1 day)
Lecturers D. Fyhrman, Dr. E. Svenning
Location Gothenburg
Languages English, Swedish
Standard (4000 SEK + VAT)
Employee of University (2000 SEK + VAT)
Student (2000 SEK + VAT)
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  • Forming Technology
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