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Introduction to ANSA & mETA

ANSA is the leading multidisciplinary pre-processor for FE and CFD applications, with extremely powerful geometry handling and meshing capabilities. This course will give a hands on introduction to ANSA (through exercises with ANSA), focusing on FE applications. Note: The seminar may be extended also for basic CFD meshing when given on your site (contact us for more information).


Prior knowledge: The course is suited for users with no or only a limited experience of the program who wants to get started with using ANSA and learn the basic model generation methods.


Course outline:

    • Introduction and application examples
    • CAD clean up
    • Modifying geometry and creating new geometry
    • Middle surface extraction
    • Model browser for efficient model organisation
    • Surface meshing
    • Volume meshing
    • Batch meshing
    • Mesh quality checking and improvements
    • Manipulating and modifying orphan FE-mesh models
    • Connections, welds and bolts
    • FE input deck set up and model checking
    • Basic post-processing with mETA-Post
Date 27.04.2021 - 28.04.2021 (2 days)
Lecturers D. Fyhrman, Dr. E. Svenning
Location Online
Languages English, Swedish
Standard (8000 SEK + VAT)
Employee of University (4000 SEK + VAT)
Student (4000 SEK + VAT)
Registration Registration