Introduction to ICFD solver

This course is an introduction to the incompressible, (ICFD), solver which is available starting from the R7 version in LS-DYNA. The solver can be used for simulation of a pure CFD problem or it can be coupled with the other solvers in LS-DYNA to perform fluid structure interaction, (FSI), analysis.

This course will give an introduction on how to use the new ICFD solver, keywords for both a pure CFD problem and a FSI case will be treated during the course. To begin with some theory about the basic principles will be explained and also some examples of applications will be shown. Keywords that is necessary for a CFD analysis will be explained and the course participants will have the opportunity to work on examples to get a better understanding on how to setup a CFD analysis.


Prior knowledge:

This course is good for engineers that is interested in performing CFD or FSI analysis. It can be good to have some basic knowledge about LS-DYNA and LS-PrePost but it is not mandatory. The course is both for experienced CFD engineers and engineers that want to start using CFD.




Course contents:

-       ICFD features and applications

-       Fluid and CFD principles

-       Setting up a CFD analysis

-       Automatic volume mesher

-       User defined mesh

-       Setting up a FSI case

-       Conjugate heat transfer

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