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Introduction to PRIMER for LS-DYNA

PRIMER - An Introduction (Preliminary content)


This course is intended as an introduction to Oasys PRIMER for those who have not previously used the software.

This course will teach attendees how to use the new features in Oasys PRIMER to position seats and dummy models. It is recommended that attendees have a basic knowledge of the Oasys PRIMER software.


Course Outline:

  1. Purpose of Oasys PRIMER
  2. User Interface and controlling the display
  3. Some basic functions editing, deleting etc.
  4. Model checking
  5. Other methods of checking a model
  6. Working with multiple models & model merge
  7. Replace Part
  8. Working with INCLUDE files
  9. Spotwelding
  10. Functions not covered in the course - demo
  11. Question & answer session


Seat and Dummy Positioning



  1. Defining the mechanism data for seats
  2. Methods of positioning seats
  3. Storing and retrieving seat positions
  4. Methods of positioning dummies
  5. Storing and retrieving dummy positions
  6. Linking the seat to the dummy for combined positioning
  7. Batch mode commands
  8. Belt re-fitting after dummy positioning (Oasys PRIMER version 9.3 RC2)
  9. Seat foam compression within Oasys PRIMER
  10. Seat foam compression by assisted LS-DYNA analysis

Dates Duration/days Registration Referee Language Location Fee
2 days ARUP English Gothenburg 10000 SEK