LS-PrePost - Geometry, mesh, and model creation

The pre- and post-processor LS-PrePost included with LS-DYNA has extensive postprocessing capabilities, but can also be used to build LS-DYNA models from CAD or for editing existing models.

This one day course covers the use of LS-PrePost for pre- and postprocessing. Particularly emphasis is put on pre-processing including a few exercises


Course contents


-Creating simple CAD geometry (solids/shell)

-Basic meshing from CAD-geometry (hex, tet & shell mesh)


-Basic operations of LS-PrePost pre-processing

-Editing and visualizing of LS-DYNA input decks

-Working with models with include-files

-Editing and corrections of existing FE mesh

-Model, contact, and mesh quality checking. Removing initial contact penetrations.

-Definition of contacts/element types/material models

-Boundary conditions

-Definition, assignment and visualization of load curves


-Handling of output files of LS-DYNA

-Plotting of curves

-Modification of curves (accumulation, filtering, scaling...)

-Printing and preparing results for presentations

-Extraction of node- and element histories

-Color-plots of physical values on the model (fringe-plots)

-Vector plots, cross-section cuts of the model


LS-PrePost is included in the LS-DYNA package without extra cost. LS-PrePost runs under Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and modern Linux-distributions.

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A. Bernhardsson
A. Bernhardsson
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