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Load history management using *CASE

May 27th: 10:00 - 11:00

In this Webinar, a new approach to the analysis of load histories in LS-DYNA is presented: combining new developments
and  extended functionality with existing features of LS-DYNA, this approach makes it possible to analyze a sequence of
load steps as a sequence of analyses. This approach provides many new possibilities, for example 

  • A “restart file” is obtained after each load step. This makes it easy to reuse a pre-loaded configuration for many different target loadings.
  • It is easy to determine which features are active in each load step (no birth/death times required)
  • It is easy to add or remove parts between load steps.
  • Simple load curves (linear ramps) are often sufficient to describe the loading in each load step.

case1.png                            case2.png

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Dr. A. Jonsson

Dr. A. Jonsson