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Forming Technology Forum 11

17 - 18 May 2011, Zurich, Switzerland

Realization Concepts for Zero Failure Forming Methods

In the last decade, virtual forming technology was mainly focused on a realistic numerical representation of forming processes. The high level of efficiency of the planning tools used in the industry has led to today’s axiom of the tool planning process, which says «No hardware without software».
Latest efforts in this field are aimed at the prediction of the influences of varying process parameters and mechanical material properties on the process by means of stochastic simulations.
The next step in this development will be the monitoring of perturbations and the intelligent correction of the process parameters in order to increase the process robustness. Therefore, the virtual methods and the real behavior have to be coupled to one control chain. The aims of this development are «zero failure production methods».
To achieve this goal, the following steps have to be realized:

  • Non-destructive monitoring of the variation limits of the mechanical material properties
  • Monitoring of the significant process parameters like temperature, friction and tool forces
  • Virtual prediction of the process behavior under varying process conditions
  • Rapid determination of the correction measures by means of metamodels
  • Adaptive processes with mechatronic tools
  • Link to the press control system

At the conference, examples from the fields of manufacturing of car bodies, parts and semi-finished products shall help to demonstrate how these systems can be realized. Within the framework of the presentations, innovative developments in the different fields as well as already realized concepts will be introduced.

Presentation, 17. Mai 2011, 16.30 Uhr:
Sensitivity Analysis for Metal Forming Processes with LS-DYNA and LS-OPT

Heiner Müllerschön (DYNAmore)

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