Welcome to the DYNAmore Nordic Website

DYNAmore Nordic is dedicated to support engineers to solve non-linear mechanical problems numerically. Our tools to model and solve the problems are the finite element software LS-DYNA as solver, LS-OPT for optimization and ANSA and mETA for Pre- and Postprocessing. We sell, teach, support, and co-develop the software and provide engineering services.

We are very pleased to offer also this year a wide range of seminars, information days, workshops, webinars and support days. The contents we have adapted to current technical developments and innovations.

At May 14-17, we kindly invite all users of LS-DYNA, LS-OPT, LS-PrePost and LS-TaSC to take advan­tage of this fantastic opportunity to showcase their work. Make sure that you will be part of the conference by submitting your abstract at www.dynamore.de

The LS-DYNA User's Conference 2018 will take place on the 18-19th of October 2018. The venue will be located at Svenska Mässan / Gothia Towers in Gothenburg. You find more information at www.dynamore.se/lsdyna2018


Recently funding by FFI/Vinnova was granted for the research project Active human body models for virtual occupant response, step 4 (A-HBM IV). DYNAmore Nordic is participating together with Volvo Cars...

We have three different master thesis project within simlation of

  • Vehicle joining techniques (Göteborg)
  • Crash modeling of CFRP (Göteborg)
  • Forming of CFRP (Linköping)

you find more information here.


At this site you will find answers to basic and advanced questions that might occur while using LS-DYNA. Furthermore it will provide information about new releases and ongoing developments.

DYNAmore Nordic är för 2019 sponsor till Team Rynkeby - God Morgon som är en del i ett europeiskt välgörenhetsprojekt som varje år samlar in pengar till barn med cancer och deras familjer. Deltagarna är organiserade i olika lag som gemensamt cyklar ner till Paris och ni kan läsa med om det på https://www.team-rynkeby.se