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Joining Techniques in LS-DYNA

We have the please of welcoming our German colleague Max Hübner to Gothenburg for a seminar in "Joining Techniques, September 13-14.

In this seminar you will gain insight into the possibilities to model and simulate component connections in LS-DYNA. The most frequently used connections, such as adhesive bonding, bolt fastening, welding, spot-weld adhesive bonding or riveting, each require a specific structural and material model for numerical simulation. For this reason, we will thoroughly discuss the load carrying action of the individual connections as well as their structural stability and demonstrate possible modeling approaches (in conjunction with flange models).

Currently used models will be discussed and the reliability of the obtained results are critically reviewed with particular emphasis on scenarios that include connection failure. 

The seminar is designed for engineers with practical simulation experience who wish to broaden their knowledge in the field of connection simulations using LS-DYNA. Register here.