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Human Body Models and Injury Prediction

In this seminar we will cover the basic topics of injury biomechanics needed to use HBM:s for injury prediction. We will discuss state-of-the art full-body HBMs (such as PIPER, THUMS, SAFER-HBM, GHBMC, and VIVA) and you get a more in-depth understanding of their pros and cons for different applications.

Development of numerical human body models (HBMs) was initiated in several parts of the world with the introduction of advanced automotive safety systems, in response to the need of a repetitive tool with increased biofidelity and anatomical detail compared to the crash test dummies. Today, HBMs are suited to study human biomechanics in applications in varying fields, including but not limited to automotive, aeronautics, sport injuries, and medical applications. 

The seminar is suited for users who have some experience of HBMs who would like a head start to the area and for experience CAE-engineers who benefit from a more in-depth understanding of the human body, injury mechanisms and thresholds. Read more and register here.

The seminar is open for online as well as onsite participation at our office in Gothenburg (limited number of seats available onsite). No software required.