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Keynote Speaker at LS-DYNA Users' Conference, Gert Petersen, LEGO

October 18-19 we are hosting the LS-DYNA Users’ Conference 2022 at Svenska Mässan. Speakers from between 30-40 prominent Nordic companies will give presentations on how they work with simulations, and five persons from reknown companies have kindly agreed to give keynote speeches.

We are proud to be able to present our five keynote speakers to you. Here comes the first!

  •  Who are you professionally: name, title, company?
    I am Gert Petersen, CAE Manager, LEGO Systems A/S

  •  What are the main advantages of using LS-DYNA in your product development?
    Having a robust solver as LS-DYNA enables us to deliver fast and reliable CAE results, reducing loops in physical parts and reducing lead time on product development.

  • What do you enjoy most about your job?
    The best part of my job is the continuous development of tools and competences that allows us to bring simulation closer to reality while understanding the limitations.

Thank you, Gert, and welcome to the LS-DYNA Users' Conference!

If you are interested to hear more from Gert Petersen, please register to the LS-DYNA Users' Conference here