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Keynote Speaker at LS-DYNA Users' Conference, Jean-Daniel Belay, ANSYS

October 18-19 we are hosting the LS-DYNA Users’ Conference 2022 at Svenska Mässan. Speakers from between 30-40 prominent Nordic companies will give presentations on how they work with simulations, and five persons from reknown companies have kindly agreed to give keynote speeches.
  • Who are you professionally: name, title, company
    Jean-Daniel Beley, PhD / Senior Director, Software Development, Mechanical Business Unit
  • What will change for LS-DYNA users now that LSTC is part of ANSYS? 
    LS-DYNA will continue on the current development trajectory, ANSYS will work with LSTC partners and
    continue direct customer engagement. Joint projects with our other flagship solver technologies will open new doors.  
  • What do you enjoy most about your job?
    It is a great honor to lead a team of the most talented numerical simulation engineers in the world, and with them, I get to learn new things every day!  

 Thank you, Jean-Daniel, and welcome to the LS-DYNA Users' Conference!





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