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Keynote Speaker at LS-DYNA Users' Conference, Johan Jergeus, Volvo Cars

October 18-19 we are hosting the LS-DYNA Users’ Conference 2022 at Svenska Mässan. Speakers from between 30-40 prominent Nordic companies will give presentations on how they work with simulations, and five persons from reknown companies have kindly agreed to give keynote speeches.

We are proud to be able to present our five keynote speakers to you. Here comes the second.

  • Who are you professionally: name, title, company 
    I am Johan Jergeus and work as Technical Expert in Safety CAE, primarily with modelling of structural materials, at Volvo Cars. I have been a Volvo employee for 36 years, although I was on leave some years for PhD studies.

  •  What are the main advantages of using LS-DYNA in your product development?
    LS-Dyna give us an opportunity to simulate all relevant crash load cases, both structural, interior and combined. Some 25 years ago we crashed about 100 prototype cars in the lab during the development of a new model. Today, we perform far more than 100 000 crashes in the development phase, but all virtually.

  •  What do you enjoy most about your job?
    I enjoy seeing how our modelling technique has developed over time and how this has helped improving safety for people in and around Volvo cars. It feels good be able to contribute to this in some little way.

Thank you, Johan, and welcome to the LS-DYNA Users' Conference!

If you are interested to hear more from Johan Jergeus, please register to the LS-DYNA Users' Conference here.