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Computers for LS-DYNA and more

Having the right computers is a key element to produce accurate simulations results on time. We offer proven high performance computer solutions and installation services for LS-DYNA and pre- and postprocessing,

Accurate simulation results on time

Having the right amount of computing resources makes it possible to use accurate high fedility simulation models and produce the results on time. Simulation results regarding key product performance metrics such as fatigue, functionality or safety are key to guide the product development or discover serious product flaws. Therefore simulation results for design proposals need to be produced quickly and in pace with the product development.

One of  LS-DYNA key strengths is that it can use the power of modern computers. This means that by adding computer resources the run time can be shortened dramatically. Consider the roof crush analysis below; running it on a small workstation with a 4 core CPU would take 4 days, running it on a faster dual-CPU workstation with 48 cores would take about 11 hours and runing it on a computer cluster could take just 2 hours.  Reducing the time to evaluate the product performance from nearly a week to a few hours can lead to dramatic reductions in product development time.

Roof crush simulation by DYNAmore Nordic. Base model courtesy of CCSA at George Mason University.

LS-DYNA on laptops, workstations and computer  clusters 

LS-DYNA runs on both laptops, workstations and computer clusters up to 100 000 cores or more. LS-DYNA and  associated popular pre- and postprocessors support both Windows and Linux. Given modern hardware accelerated remote desktop solutions, even users of very demanding simulation models can use a standard workstation. Contact us to learn more.

On Windows, the LST WinSuite package is a complete installer that provides LS-DYNA, LS-OPT, LS-PrePost, LS-RUN, manuals, pre- & postprocessing, queuing system, license management and much more. It an ideal solution for both companies and universities.

What we offer

Technical_Guides_highres.pngOur offerings in the area of computer systems for LS-DYNA and pre- & postprocessing are

  • Advice, support and technical guides on choosing the right hardware, software for remote access, MPI, queuing systems and more.  This is part of our regular customer support. The guidelines are available in the Client Area.
  • Installation services for Linux and Windows workstations and clusters for LS-DYNA
  • Complete ReadyToRun computer clusters for LS-DYNA and pre & postprocessing - from 40 to 1000 cores and from 1 to 50 CAE users.

ReadyToRun computer clusters

car2car_crash_scaling_higres.PNGWe offer our ReadyToRun Linux clusters for running LS-DYNA, pre- and postprocessing, and storing simulation project data and results. It is a complete solution - Ready to Run! The system is designed and built by DYNAmore and is based on our experience of using LS-DYNA every day. The system works with client laptops and workstations (Windows or Linux). It is an easy to use and scalable solution, from 40 to more than 1000 cores and from 1 to more than 50 users.


  • A modern state of the art solution
  • Mobility - work from almost anywhere using a standard laptop, even for very large models
  • Performance - state of the art
  • Economic and less administration
  • Security against data loss and theft
  • Tried out solution - developed in cooperation with heavy CAE users from major corporations
  • Integrated backup designed for CAE