Modern Field Code Cluster of Fluid Dynamics and Structure Mechanics with MetaComputing Grids for Safety and Environment Research Studies

In this this paper, we describe main results obtained within the scope of joint project activities concerning the numerical simulation of reacting flows in complex geometries. The aim is the refinement of numerical methods for applied computational fluid dynamics (CFD) using high-performance computations (HPC) to study explosion processes in more detail, especially for hydrogen safety and environment aspects of innovative technical systems. The R&D work is mainly focused on the modelling of the accident-related behaviour of hydrogen in safety enclosures ranging from slow to fast or even rapid flames with resluting explosion loads. Therefore, we have established a modern field code cluster with supercomputing and special modules for specific studies, including fluid-structure responce This recent methodology allows the assessment of adequate safety measures to control deflagration-to-detonation transition (DDT) processes and to suppress fires or explosions with relevance to industrial safety, to reduce combustion loads and structural deformations. For instance, visualization/animation of flow and crash tests are presented.