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Automated Reporting and Workflow Management of LS-DYNA Simulations

Dr. Jochen Seybold Altair Engineering GmbH, Germany The steady need to decrease the product development time and to increase the quality requires a more and more automated workflow for the processes before and after the actual numerical simulation. This leads to developments in the direction of batch meshing of CAD geometry, auto reporting of simulation results, workload management of compute resources, or, more general, workflow management. Workflow management additionally provides a consistent way how engineers are performing their simulation task and finally leads to a higher quality and reproducibility of CAE work. In the talk we want to focus on the most obvious part of automation which is the generation of reports directly after the simulation has finished. It will be shown how the automated reporting according to Euro-NCAP standards helps engineers to use their time for product development rather than report generation. The talk should also demonstrate how this automated reporting can be implemented seamlessly into the whole CAE workflow and how Office Applications like PowerPoint or Excel can be integrated in this workflow. Workflows can be improved with a management of CAE data management and relationships between the Engineering projects and this data.

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