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Neue flexible Methoden der Materialdatenermittlung für die dynamische Simulation

R. Hafellner (advanced polymer engineering GmbH) The following presentation shows a new flexible and efficient methodology to measure material data in the area of static and dynamic behaviour of mechanically loaded products. An impact testing machine including comprehensive instrumentation and a new intelligent evaluation system has been chosen to implement the methodology. The presented measurement process makes it possible to determine qualified and comprehensive material data for metals, plastics and composites and moreover to analyse load experiments conducted with regard to complex physical incidents and structures, that are difficult to predict. The realisation of the methodology in the form of an impact testing machine enables the testing of bending loads, as the loading case most common in technical structures, which, in dynamic cases, runs highly complex and therefore is not interpretable with basic means. The measurement system at hand makes it possible to use structures that have been produced close to reality. Specimen can be extracted directly from components or test boards. Therefore the material properties of the specimen resemble the components from series production. Furthermore these realistic specimen can be loaded under real conditions. The measurement can be carried out by acceleration sensors, displacement sensor and angle transmitters but also by strain gage measurement as well as piezo sensors. The system is easy to handle and delivers high quality material data within a short time period.

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