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Neue Features in PBS Professional

J. Krebs (Altair) PBS Pro is an intelligent workload management and batch queuing solution for numerically intense compute environments. PBS Pro efficiently manages computational workload across local and distributed LINUX, UNIX, Mac and Windows based HPC environments – maximizing hardware and software utilization and job turn-around efficiency. Many CAE users around the world rely on PBS to manage their jobs and application licenses. LS-Dyna is a common application in these environments and PBS provides tools for a close integration with this solver. Under the current release 7.0, the functionality of PBS has been enhanced through some significant additional features such as: - Facility for job arrays. Job arrays are a mechanism for grouping related work and allowing the user to submit and manage these jobs as a whole Integration of MPICH on Linux 2.4 on x86/AMD64/EM64T Better support of special features on SGI Altix (CPUsets, Comprehensive System Accounting, etc.) Integration with IBM MPI on AIX 5 on POWER4 & 5 with IBM’s Parallel Operating Environment (POE).

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