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Neue Crashtestkonfiguration für Kollisionen mit geringer seitlicher Überdeckung

W. Schimpl (Kompetenzzentrum - Das virtuelle Fahrzeug (vif)) This paper investigates the possibilities of emulating car to car crashes with small lateral offsets by means of a simpler single vehicle crash test. By analyzing existing accident databases for accidents with small lateral offsets, a representative car to car testing configuration (Closing Speed, lateral offset, impact angle) is derived. The obtained parameters are used as input parameters for a FEM simulation model. The simulation results (deformation energy, yawing angle and rate, contact forces…) form the basis for the development of a single vehicle test. Different design ideas are validated by means of simulation and compared amongst each other. The goal is to obtain a simple, low cost testing configuration for small lateral offsets, that has the same effect on the vehicle as a head on car to car crash with small lateral offset.

application/pdf B-II-3.pdf — 1.7 MB