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Simple prediction method for the edge fracture of steel sheet during vehicle collision - Edge fracture prediction using CAE

K. Koyanagi, K. Motomura (Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd.), K. Watanabe, M. Tachibana (Kobe steel Ltd.) Edge fracture prediction using CAE Kimihito Koyanagi, Kazuyoshi Motomura Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd. (Kariya, Aichi, Japan) Kenichi Watanabe, Mie Tachibana Kobe steel, Ltd. (Kakogawa, Hyogo, Japan) Summary: In the vehicle collisions, prediction accuracy becomes worse because the fracture of the steel sheet generates in the vehicle structure parts and vehicle deformation mode is different from FEM. Consideration of the steel sheet fracture for the improvement in prediction accuracy of vehicle crash simulations is important. On previous paper, it is introduced that prediction method of the fracture limit strain using steel sheets mechanical property obtained from the test-piece tensile test. The 3-point bending tests of the hole attached to a small hat test piece were carried out in this paper and the prediction method is applied to the fracture decision from steel sheet edge of the hat test piece. The 3point bending test was reproduced in FEM, and it is examined that a fracture decision method by FEM as a fracture limit strain that obtained from prediction method in pervious paper.

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