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CAE-Entwicklung und Absicherung

Product development is actually aiming a clear strategy: increasing the product variety and decreasing cost and duration of development process. One of the major facts regarding time and costs are the prototype generations for hardware testing within the development plan. This is the main aspect for optimization of the development process: if time and cost have to be saved and flexibility has to be raised, it will be necessary to reduce prototype testing. Quality has to be even raised so the relevant methods and processes have to be redesign or set up new. Numerical simulation has been driven forward within the last years – the prognosis quality has been raised, the spectrum of available methods has got wider. Nevertheless today’s virtual methods as still not able to replace physical testing completely. Therefore it needs a perfect completion of expert knowledge, numerical simulation, supporting physical testing and an adequate project planning and control to get a project specific optimum for cost, time and quality. As a consequence the realisation of this aims within the CAE development needs a maximum transparency of the capability of the relevant CAE methods as well as a rethinking of today’s procedures and processes up to organisation design.

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