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Nachstellung von Bewegungen in SchlittenversuchenEin Optimierungsbeispiel mit LS-DYNA, LS-OPT und HyperMorph

C. Lind, J. Winklhofer (Kompetenzzentrum - Das virtuelle Fahrzeug (vif)); R. Leeb (DSD); T. Klein (Volkswagen) For the development of restraint systems of vehicles, sled-tests are used instead of full vehicle crashes. In these sled-tests part of the dummy motion from real crash-tests can not be reproduced due to missing intrusions in the footwell of the vehicle. To raise sled-tests to a new level these intrusions are emulated via so called intrusion cylinders and a specially designed sheet metal structure. For the design of the sheet metal structure FEM simulation in combination with the optimization software LS-OPT was used. In order to integrate shape variables into the optimization problem, the Altair product HyperMorph was coupled with LS-OPT. In this way the shape of the sheet metal structure can be altered during the optimization without the necessity of generating a new mesh for each optimization run. For the comparison between the motion from the simulation result and the motion from the real crash test, the mean square error function within LS-OPT is used. In the end a very satisfying result regarding the motion of foot rest and accelerator pedal in the modified sled test is obtained not only in simulation but also in validation tests.

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