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Vehicle Property Validation

19 - 20 June 2012, Bad Nauheim, Germany

Featuring high-level progress reports from leading international OEM as well as innovative presentations from important system suppliers and engineering service providers, the conference again offers a unique opportunity to benchmark the state-of-the-art in vehicle validation processes today and to identify and discuss future trends within a network of international experts. Focus topics in 2012:

  • Comparison of OEM development procedures
    \\ How do specific milestones and validation procedures compare for different international OEM? How is vehicle property validation anchored in the development processes?
  • Efficient validation of the integral safety
    \\ What is the optimum ratio of hardware and software use? Can zero hardware be the future? To what extent can partial systems be used to assess properties of the full vehicle? How much prototyping is necessary?
  • Test-bench-substituting experiments
    \\ Challenging the test bench: What possibilities exist, what are the limitations? How can lifetime-stability of operation and durability be efficiently validated?
  • Standardization vs. validation efforts
    \\ Which degree of standardization of parts and processes is optimal?
  • Property validation of hybrid and full electric vehicles
    \\ Which validation methods and processes can be carried over from the development of conventional vehicles, which can not? Are realistic accelerated tests or simulations of battery charge/discharge cycles possible?

The conference addresses:

Automotive engineers in research, pre-development and development, with responsibilities in projects concerning the vehicle property validation, in virtual vehicle development or physical testing concepts, representing international OEM as well as their system suppliers or engineering service providers.

We proudly announce the presentation about lightweight construction given by Dr. André Haufe.

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