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DIGIMAT Users' Meeting, 2 Oct.

2 - 4 Oct., Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2. - 4. Oktober, Amsterdam, Niederlande

Over the past 5 years, the DIGIMAT Users' Meeting has gained a reputation as the leading international material modeling conference, providing composite experts with invaluable information on cutting-edge simulation tools to improve material properties assessment, optimize micromechanical performance and develop innovative composite products quickly and efficiently.

Conference highlights

“An optimal mix of materials is needed to reach the high-performance and low weight goals that many industries require to meet today’s economic and environmental challenges,” says Roger Assaker, CEO of e-Xstream engineering. “DIGIMAT is the unique, unified and integrated predictive simulation tool for effective and efficient product design.”

DIGIMAT software facilitates the analysis of:

  • Multi-Materials
    composites, long/short fibers, ceramics, nano, metal, rubber, …
  • Multi-Performances
    stiffness, strength, durability, failure, creep, fatigue...
  • Multi-Physics
    mechanical, thermal, electrical, ...
  • Multi-Processings
    injection, extrusion, compression, draping…

This year’s conference will provide an in-depth overview of DIGIMAT’s multi-functionalities, with special emphasis on the latest capabilities for modeling continuous fibers and fatigue of composites.

DYNAmore is Conference Gold Sponsor! Please visit our booth in the exhibition.

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