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New Software download platform: Update you login credentials

We have switched to a new platform for download of our software (LS-DYNA et c) and licenses as well as all other file exchange with us including for projects. To get access to the new platform (files.dynamore.se) you need to update your user credentials. Please do this as soon as possible.

What to do

To get access to the new platform (files.dynamore.se) you need to update your user credentials. We ask you to do this as soon as possible as the old platform (project.dynamores.se) is turned off since April 19, 2020).

To get access to the new platform (files.dynamore.se) please follow the steps in the PDF below, it just takes about 2 minutes:



Please note that all your valid license files, custom versions and project data have been migrated from the old file sharing platform (project.dynamore.se) to the new platform.


If you have any problems your are welcome to call us at +46 13 236680 or send an email to support@dynamore.se.


Data security and data location

Server https://files.dynamore.se uses the NextCloud software and runs on our own server hardware  at our office in Linköping in Sweden. All data storage is on that server and the backups are also at the same location. Data communication with the server is secured using certificates and SSL/TSL encryption (HTTPS).


Never send any sensitive data to us using e-mail as e-mail is inherently unsafe, instead upload it to your account on https://files.dynamore.se. For very sensitive data please contacts us before sending us any data.