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LST WinSuite

LST WinSuite - All in one installer for LST products on Windows

LST-WinSuite is a single file installer which contains a complete environment for running the major products from ANSYS LST. LST-WinSuite contains everything needed to get started using LS-DYNA and MPP/LS-DYNA on Windows, from self-study tutorials up to more advanced guidelines for both explicit and implicit simulations. LST WinSuite is included in your LS-DYNA license and is downloaded from your account on our software distribution server in the Products/LST folder: files.dynamore.se. 

All included programs can later be individually updated when new releases of these programs become available.

LST-WinSuite includes:

  • Single installation file
  • Microsoft MPI
  • License server setup
  • License overview - how many licenses are free and who uses them.
  • LS-PrePost
  • LS-Run
  • Manuals
  • Example models
  • Benchmark models to verify performance
  • Getting started turtorials for LS-DYNA and LS-PrePost.
  • Advanced guidelines for how to perform both implicit and explicit simulations using LS-DYNA

Deployment - Remote installation

LST WinSuite can be remote installed for easy deployment to groups of workstations, do as follows:

Using LS-Run for managing LS-DYNA jobs

Administrate and run your LS-DYNA simulations from LS-Run. You can easily start the LS-DYNA simulations on a local computer, another computer (Linux or Windows) or submit a simulation job to a Windows HPC cluster using LS-Run. LS-Run supports both SMP and MPP version of LS-DYNA. Examples, tutorials, documentation and LST license server for LS-DYNA are all available from the main menu in LS-Run.

Running LS-DYNA on a shared Windows 10 Workstation

It is possible to submit LS-DYNA jobs to another Windows 10 Pro workstation from another computer running Windows 10. That way a group users can share a single powerful workstation running LS-DYNA. More information about this can be found on the Client Area (external link) or if you have a login to your customer area (external link).