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Manipulation of d3plot header (title).

The tool is used to manipulate the header (title) of a d3plot file.
(use only for 32bit IEEE style plotfile!)

usage: d3plot-head2 [options]


-i file LS-DYNA input file (default=d3inp)
-g file LS-DYNA plot  file (default=d3plot)
-t title give new title (use quotes)
-bs byteswap on title
-l list title of plotfile
-pidfix fix part IDs in plotfile
-nid123 renumber node-IDs sequentially
-eid123 renumber element-IDs sequentially
-nonames remove partnames
-pnam-list list partnames
-pnam-blank blank partnames
-pnam-check check partnames
-pnam-fix fix partnames with illegal chars
-pnam-obfus obfuscate partnames
-v print version