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Oasys PRIMER is a Pre-processor written exclusively for LS-DYNA and has 100% comprehension of the LS-DYNA input file. This means that no data is ever accidentally lost or corrupted, no matter what operations are performed on it.





Our users choose PRIMER due to the following reasons:

  • Reliability of data security
  • Quickly find and fix modeling errors before LS-DYNA is started
  • This saves CPU and also working time
  • Easy and quick access of all LS-DYNA data, and a quick understanding of the model structure
  • Special tools, such as:
    • Generation of spotwelds
    • Folding of AirbagsSeatbelt fitting
    • Mechanism (for example, for Seat adjustability)Swapping of parts etc.
  • Primer is easy to learn and easy to use
  • Typically, time for assembly, modifications and errors is greatly reduced with PRIMER
  • The proportion of error-free LS-DYNA runs is increased
  • The model can be configured so that multiple users can work on different components in parallel

PRIMER Version 17.0

This new version of the software has exciting new features and updates within PRIMER, D3PLOT, T/HIS, REPORTER and SHELL, including:


    • A new user interface giving a modern look and feel
    • Improved speed and performance
    • A more integrated suite of products
    • More expert tools and functionality
    • Use of a new licensing platform (LM-X) for increased security

Version 17.0 is available for 64 bit architectures on both Windows and Linux.


PRIMER Version 16.0

Download Release Notes

Download New Features

Download Installation Guide (Windows)

Download Installation Guide (Linux)

Download PRIMER Manual

Download PRIMER 16 JavaScript API Manual