Contacts in LS-DYNA (2 days)

LS-DYNA is a leading finite element (FE) program in large deformation mechanics, vehicle collision and crashworthiness design. To solve e.g. a vehicle collision, the problem requires the use of robust and accurate treatment of the interaction between different parts and assemblies. Contacts have, and will continue to be, one of the most difficult topics in many types of simulations. Therefore it is necessary to acquire knowledge of how the contacts in LS-DYNA behave.


This is an excellent opportunity to quickly assess a deeper understanding of contacts, very valuable for anyone working with contacts in LS-DYNA. You will gain some insight in the LS-DYNA methodology regarding contact treatment as well as the used terminology when discussing contacts. The aim is to explain some of the standard contact situations and how the different contact algorithms will treat them. Theoretical presentations are in this course mixed up with various small exercises which illustrate some of the features of the different contacts available.


Prior knowledge:

This is a one day training course. There is no need for previous experience with LS-DYNA, although no time will be spent on LS-DYNA functionality in general and some prior usage history is advantageous. For the exercises, LS-PrePost will be used to analyze the input decks and results.

Course outline:

  • Introduction
  • Overview of the different contacts available in LS-DYNA, such as:
    • Automatic contacts
    • Tied contacts
    • Tiebreak contacts
    • Sliding interface contacts
    • Rigid wall contacts
    • Mortar contacts
  • Steps in contact algorithm
  • Setup of contacts
  • Friction in contacts
  • Edge/beam contacts
  • Release behaviour in contacts
  • Contact outputs
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2 days
Dr. J. Forsberg
10000 SEK
2 days
Dr. J. Forsberg
10000 SEK


Dr. J. Forsberg
Dr. J. Forsberg
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