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Blast Modeling


Blast events form a class of simulation environments well suited to the solution capabilities of LS-DYNA. LS-DYNA is unique in offering the analyst the choice of Lagrange, Eulerian (ALE) and Simple Engineering solvers, and combinations of these solvers, for simulating high energy events such as blast loading. In addition to air blast, the traditional focus of blast modeling, buried explosive charges have recently become important in the design of troop transportation.


This class focuses on the application of LS-DYNA for the simulation of high energy events. The analysis methods, and modeling, are illustrated through case studies. An emphasis is placed on modeling techniques: guidelines for which technique(s) to select, insights into which techniques work well and when, and possible pitfalls in modeling choice selections.


Sufficient mathematical theory is presented for each technique to provide the typical user with adequate knowledge to confidently apply the appropriate analysis technique. However, this training class is not a substitute for the in-depth treatments presented in the associated LS-DYNA training class, i.e. „ALE/Eulerian & Fluid Structure Interaction.”



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Dates Duration/days Calendar Registration Referee Language Location Fee
12.10.2020 2 days Add to calendar Paul Du Bois, Len Schwer English Stuttgart (GER) 1200 €


Paul Du Bois

Paul Du Bois


Len Schwer

Len Schwer