In this short course we will give you the theoretical background of a number of material models in LS-DYNA, and point at their differences  …more

This training will discuss issues related to the adjustment of material models considering the failure, which can sometimes be relatively complex. The seminar intends to look at the complete picture, reaching from the approach to test design to the actual creation of a material card using LS-DYNA.  …more

It is the objective of this seminar to give an overview of the available material models for foams, rubbers and glues in LS-DYNA and on how to apply them properly.  …more

The seminar aims to show possibilities for the modeling of fiber composite materials and it will present the lightweight construction sandwich structures.  …more

In this seminar, a brief introduction in LS-OPT is made with a focus on the application of LS-OPT to determine material parameters. No prior knowledge about optimization or the application of LS-OPT is required.  …more

Digimat is a material modeling platform for composites from MSC Software. It contains several modules for material modeling, fitting of parameters and coupling to FE structural solvers and process simulation software.  …more