ICFD Incompressible Fluid Solver

This course provides an introduction to the incompressible fluid solver (ICFD) in LS-DYNA. It focuses on the solution of CFD problems, where the incompressibility constraint may be applied, e. g. ground vehicle, aerodynamics, hemodynamics, free-surface problems, ship hydrodynamics, etc. The solver may run as a stand-alone CFD solver, where only fluid dynamics effects are studied, or it can be coupled to the solid mechanics solver to study loosely or strongly coupled fluid-structure interaction (FSI) problems.

The first day of the course includes a presentation of the general principles and applications of the solver, a step by step guide to setting up a simple CFD problem, advanced feature introduction (FSI, conjugate heat transfer) and so forth. A brief review of basic fluid mechanics and CFD concepts are also offered such that no expert knowledge of fluids is required. The second day will deal with the newly implemented features and advanced applications.


Day 1


  • Introduction to the ICFD solver
  • General principles and supported applications
  • Step by step keyword description
  • Setting up a pure CFD problem
  • Fluid volume mesher
  • Mesh refinement tools
  • User defined mesh
  • Strong and loose FSI coupling
  • Thermal coupling and conjugate heat transfer problems


    Day 2

  • Law of the wall for turbulence modeling
  • Advanced controlling and monitoring tools
  • New ICFD postprocessing tools in LS-PrePost
  • Computation of the heat transfer coefficient “h”
  • Multi-phase problems
  • Flow in porous media


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    2 days
    I. Çaldichoury
    Stuttgart (GER)
    1200 €


    I. Çaldichoury
    I. Çaldichoury

    Livermore Software Technology Corporation
    (LSTC) – Software-Entwickler LS-DYNA
    Referent der Seminare:
    -     Elektromagnetismus in LS-DYNA
    -     ICFD – Unkompremierbare Flüssigkeitslöser
    -     CESE – Kompremierbare Flüssigkeitslöser

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