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Introductory Tutorial to LS-DYNA

This tutorial aims to provide a basic introduction into running LS-DYNA simulations with the help of LS-PrePost and LS-Run.

The tutorial features an example of a tubular structure with a square cross-section that is crushed against a flat, rigid plate, and is divided into four distinct videos, each with a different topic. In the tutorial, the 4.9 version of LS-PrePost and the 1.0 version of LS-Run are used, which are free to download. 

Meshing and Various Tools within LS-PrePost

The tutorial begins with a video in which some of the meshing tools in LS-PrePost are investigated when the structures necessary for the analysis are created. 

Download the files for the video

Analysis Setup with LS-PrePost

Continuing on from where the first video ends, the second video concerns the keyword setup in creating the analysis. Some of the basics of modeling for LS-DYNA are touched upon, and plenty of the graphical tools in LS-PrePost are used. In the video, it is briefly mentioned that when working with LS-DYNA, you never input any units, and it is, therefore, up to you as the user to ensure that you maintain a consistent system of units. Below is a link to a page that you will likely find very helpful when you are new to LS-DYNA.

Consistent systems of units  

Download the files for the video

Model Checking and LS-Run

With the analysis setup finished, this video starts off with how to run a model check to verify that the keyword syntax is correct and how to spot potential problems in the model setup before running an analysis. After that, the video covers the basics of how to work with LS-Run.  

Download the files for the video

Analyzing Results using LS-PrePost

The video explains much of the basic functionality for plotting and analyzing results that is available in LS-PrePost.    

Download the files for the video