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Research projects

New research projects Swim-RTM, ENFASS, T-Pult und TWIP4EU

When you face new challenges you will always find a comprehensive partner for research and development in DYNAmore. Please find here a description about the new projects:

  • Swim-RTM
    Development of algorithms and software tools for process engineering and design, applied to the RTM method (resin transfer molding),
    ENhanced Formality Assessment of AHSS sheets –  three-year EU project to improve the application of modern, advanced high-strength steel sheets in the automotive industry,
  • T-Pult
    BMBF-funded research project: Energy efficient pultrusion process for the production of composite parts with a thermoset matrix in series applications and
    RFCS funded project in which DYNAmore works with partners to develop a simulation framework to accurately model the complex deformation and forming behaviour of TWIP steels.